new issue! and some changes.

i have issue 8 in my hot little hands - posting to stockists next week.

i have made some changes; most notably, the price. i started ha wan pao as a fun little project, to get out of the house and talk to people. i decided i would work for free and not pay my contributors. i have changed my mind and decided to pay myself and my contributors. so the price has gone up to hk$60. i also changed the format a little. i've made it thicker, more compact and given it a cover so as to be a little more robust. the content is the same.

this issue has an interview with an ikebana practitioner and curator, a documentary comic publisher and a rare book dealer. there is a contribution from furze chan on what it is to run a shop and a photo essay by me of chinese paper offerings for the dead. on the cover is a paper singlet.

hope you enjoy it!

issue 7

ha wan pao, issue 7
issue 7 in stores now! interviews with a translator, folk art dealers, a musician who makes his own instruments and ha wan pao's fabulous printers...

issue 6

ha wan pao 6

the cover girl is a loaf of sourdough from tufei pain pain
in stores this wednesday 24th july.

maternity leave!

ha wan pao will be back in.....a few months?!

ha wan pao visits guangzhou

ha wan pao visits guangzhou

I was in Guangzhou over the weekend taking part in Guangzhou Shu Xu, an independent publishing and second hand book fair. Meanwhile, across town at Times Museum, another festival I didn't get time to visit but that looks really great - Light of Independence; independent publishing festival.

That's Ha Wan Pao's first four issues tacked on the wall there to the left of Colors magazine. Small potatoes next to much larger ones!

Light of Independence runs til 25th December with talks, film screenings and workshops. Ha Wan Pao is still available for sale at Guangzhou Shu Xu at Goelia225 through til 9th December.

issue 5!

ha wan pao number 5

ha wan pao number 5

Issue 5 is out now: cover image by Furze Chan, centrefold is Yun Kut Lam's 1960's advertisement featuring actress, Cheung Chung Man. Interviews with Edith Cheung, Jacky Yuen, Alex Daye and Ellis Kreuger plus a look at Chihoi Lee's pencil collection.

No 4

ha wan pao no 4

issue 4 out now! featuring don mak, chenmiji, shanghai street studios and kalun. here's where to find it.